Cardio vs Weight Lifting: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

Cardio vs Weight Lifting: Which Is Better for Weight Loss? This article represents everything we believe at Zone Fitness Works! Most people know that exercise and a healthy diet are essential for optimal health. However, it is important to remember that even if your weight doesn’t change, your body composition may be improving. For example,

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All About Heart Rate (Pulse)

What should you know about your heart rate? Resting heart rate is the science -based answer to a Health Heart. This is a great article to explain all aspects of our Resting Heart Rate – great information! Check out this great article:

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All About Heart Rate (Pulse)

All About Heart Rate (Pulse) Resting heart rate is the key to understanding how to improve your overall heath. This article details how to take your resting heart rate and the science behind exercise and the healthy connection to working out with a heart rate monitor. Check out this great article:

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Why Train Through Heart Rate Monitoring?

Why Train Through Heart Rate Monitoring? I believe the best way to train and to ensure great, fast results along with Increase Fitness Conditioning is through Heart Rate Monitor Training. We are all individuals yet we all follow the same needs of the Human Body, So whether you are Male, Female, Young or Old –

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Zone Member Celebrations


I started Zone Fitness Works about 3 months ago. My husband practically dragged me out of the house to try it. He and I knew that we needed some sort of lifestyle change. Our fatigue and mental exhaustion were at an all-time high. Teaching full time and being a mom to a strong-willed two-year-old had taken its toll on my body and mind. Working out in a gym was the last thing I wanted to do. I always told myself “I can do that in my own home” or “I’ll just go for a run” (neither of which would actually happen). I was full of excuses. Public gyms have never been a place of comfort or motivation for me. In my experience, the excitement of a new gym would quickly fade and life would get in the way of my workout routine. I was tired, irritable, out of shape and negative about everything.

Since joining Zone, my life has completely changed. I feel stronger than ever. My new physical strength has transformed how I view myself, my challenges and the world around me. I’m more positive and willing to take risks professionally. Daily check-ins with Michele have helped me make informed decisions when life gets challenging, reflect on little celebrations and set goals for my future. Zone has helped me become a more present, grateful and positive person.

Zone has become my home away from home. My happy place. I have to thank Michele for providing specific feedback on the spot. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge about the human body, nutrition, and Isagenix. All of which have proven to be life changing for my husband and I. Without Zone, the stressors of the world would still be weighing me down. I finally feel like my best self again.

Connie Woods

I celebrate Zone and You!

I was intrigued by you when we met and I was looking for a place out of the “Normal” gym after you explained what Zone would be like!

I love the style of workouts compared to other gyms ,this works for me! When I started I was ready to focus on “me” after having an empty nest! I couldn’t get down on the floor to play with my Grandkids, I knew it was time to do something about that! Zone has made me a better person mentally and physically! I’ve lost 30 lbs. thanks to good nutrition and the Zone Fitness Workouts!
When you have a Coach that cares and shows you the proper way it works! I love this
There is no other place I have worked out that made me feel special, and so comfortable and that it’s OK if you can’t do something, you just modify it!

It’s a fun place to be! You feel the LOVE when you walk in the door! I am whole heartedly addicted!!