Why Train Through Heart Rate Monitoring?

I believe the best way to train and to ensure great, fast results along with Increase Fitness Conditioning is through Heart Rate Monitor Training.

We are all individuals yet we all follow the same needs of the Human Body, So whether you are Male, Female, Young or Old – Heart Rate Training is the Science-Based Solution to Fitness Success!

Check out this great article: https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a19871099/heart-rate-training-workouts/

3 thoughts on “Why Train Through Heart Rate Monitoring?”

  1. Using the heart monitor gives me the confidence and reassurance that I am staying in a healthy zone consistently throughout my workout. I love seeing how much I stay in the fat burning zone and how quickly my heart recovers during the rest period. What an amazing addition to my workouts! Coach Michele is a great motivator and full of knowledge! Go Zone Fitness Works!

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