Why Are We Different?

We are here to challenge traditional fitness and we have created an effective program that is known to work. We aim to understand how to condition your body by analyzing your heart rate. Our heart-rate monitoring technology is proven to build a stronger, more energized body. This functional training approach will allow you to determine your fitness level and how hard you need to push yourself.  It’s functional training in a fun environment!

Fitness Experience

Imagine training in an environment that is friendly, energized, supportive, and takes your fitness to a whole new level. Zone Fitness Works functional training programs deliver optimum results. With our system proven to work, you CAN and WILL improve overall health and fitness. We accept people in all fitness levels and challenge you to go beyond your limits. We are taking traditional fitness and replacing it with a science-based approach that is effective and fun. Let us introduce you to a community of like-minded people who are guaranteed to have your back every step of the way. We are confident that with our program you will FEEL STRONGER, LOOK BETTER, AND LIVE LONGER.

Nutrition Experience

We can agree that we probably all need a little assistance when it comes to making healthy food choices. Zone Fitness Works’ dedicated coaches are there to guide you to a leaner, stronger body with our safe and easy to use health system. We utilize advanced nutritional technology to cleanse the body of impurities and replenish the body with optimal nutrients. We want to help you create the strong body you deserve. By combining our fitness and nutrition plans, we know you’ll be able to achieve that result in no time.